What Will Define This Year For You and What Will Define You This Year?

Heaven help me but sometimes, especially as a parent of a young child, I find that the days, months and even the years begin to blur. Life becomes an endless loop of nappy changes, dribble wiping, nursery rhyme singing and looping episodes of Peppa Pig whilst you try and scrape spit-up and/or dried food off your clothing!

Its dangerous, I don’t want to wake up in ten years not knowing where I lost a decade of my life!

So each year I’m going to try and do things that define the year. Last year I visited Manchester, took my little one on holiday for the first time and decided to try my hand at writing a novel.

So what does 2017 hold?

Without doing much of anything this January 2017 is shaping up to be a big year. For starters, I have already started a new course, what I hope will be the first of 3, that I should finish later this year. More dramatically, 2017 will be the year that, all going well, we will welcome our second child in to the world. So this year should be exciting and unforgettable even before I make a single resolution!

But resolutions I have made. Not about writing because writing is something that over the past 18 months I have come to consider a basic human right. If I don’t write these days I get cranky and if I go too long then I start to get weird ideas about random things, as if my creativity needs to find somewhere to go if I don’t channel it onto the page.

I will also not make resolutions about broader business ideas, though I have plenty of them, because no one else is wasting their new year resolutions saying ‘I must spend more time in the office.’

My 3 Ps For 2017

So here’s what I hope will define 2017 for me and may come to define me for 2017.

Pottery, Pilates and Piano.

Why those things?

  • Each of these Ps are things I have been interested in for a long time but for one reason or another have never got round to trying.
  • Each explores a slightly different set of skills – Pilates is physical, piano is cerebral and pottery is creative.
  • All can fit around the other big events that 2017 has in store – course work, writing and, of course, babies!

And why now?

Because each gives me a chance to express and explore a side of myself that has nothing to do with being a wife, daughter, mother or even a writer, and since 2017 for me could so easily be defined by those things I think it’s important to set out a counter attack from the start. Don’t get me wrong, I adore being each of those things, but I know that it’s also important for each of them that they are not all that define me.

Just like I discovered a year and a half ago that being a writer made me a vastly better parent to one child, so I’m hoping that exercise, mental stimulation and a very hands on – kinda messy – creative outlet will help me become, not only a happier, healthier, saner parent to 2, but also a better writer, designer, business woman, spouse and human being.

So there you have it, the 3 Ps that will help define the next 12 months and may define me beyond then too…

What’s going to define 2017 for you? And what will define you for 2017?

Take care

A x



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